Don’t miss this weekend at ARTsPLACE – Kings Film Soc. & Exhibits

Don’t miss this weekend at ARTsPLACE!

SATURDAY, October 14
2:00 pm
As part of the Teen Film Festival presented by King’s Film Society and ARTsPLACE.

This informative session will explore Canada’s first feature film, “Evangeline” shot at Fort Anne in 1913, the world’s first documentary “Seaman Courageous” beginning on the waters of the Annapolis basin in 1911 and Annapolitans playing, performing and creating for NFB cameras in “When All the People Play” 1948.

The afternoon, upstairs at ARTsPLACE, will be hosted by Ern Dick, who has been researching the moving images of our community for some 40 years now – and will include the latest research by Chuck Lapp (Halifax film-maker) on the making of “Evangeline”, the findings of Brook Taylor the biographer of Frederick William Wallace, (the maker of “Seaman Courageous”) and the experiences of Doug Parker, Hugh Lawrence and David McClafferty and others in the making of “When All the People Play”.

Admission by donation.

SUNDAY, October 15
1 – 3 pm Opening reception for three new exhibitions (free admission for exhibitions)
My Story Photo Project 12
Layered Visions: pulling back the blanket Elephant Grass Print Collective
Metamorphic Kate Wasteneys

And at 3:00 pm
As part of the Teen Film Festival presented by King’s Film Society and ARTsPLACE.
As part of the 25th anniversary of King’s Film Society, we’re delighted to partner with ARCAC for an afternoon featuring special guest speakers and historical films that explore First Nation’s culture in our region.

Please join us at ArtsPlace (2nd floor) where we’ll screen two NFB archival documentaries (early 1990s) by award-winning Mi’kmaq filmmaker Catherine Anne Martin. In between the films, artists Judy Pearson and her son Robbie McEwan of Bear River First Nation, will join us to discuss the cultural and spiritual aspects of their artwork and the process and significance that goes into creating their beautiful and detailed quillwork (Robbie) and rock paintings (Judy).

3:00 pm: Film: Kwa’nu’te’: Mi’kmaq and Maliseet Artists (42 min)
This film profiles a number of Mi’kmaq and Maliseet artists from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, showing their similarities and differences, samples of their work and the sources of their inspiration. It offers a remarkable look at Indigenous art and spirituality in Atlantic Canada.

3:45 pm Guest speakers – Artists Judy Pearson and Robbie McEwan

4:30 pm Film: Mi’kmaq Family (32min)
This documentary takes you on a reflective journey into the extended family of Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq community. Revisiting her own roots, Mi’kmaq filmmaker and mother Catherine Anne Martin explores how the community is recovering its First Nations values, particularly through the teachings of elders and a collective approach to children-rearing. Mi’kmaq Family is an inspiring resource for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences who are looking for ways to strengthen and explore their own families and traditions. 1995 – 32 mins

Admission by donation.

Supported in part through the Province of Nova Scotia.