Inverness County Centre for the Arts Artists’ Talk: Friday, Oct 13

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Inverness County Centre for the Arts
Artists’ Talk: Textile Journeys: by Helene Blanchet, Anne Morrell Robinson and Adrienne Yorinks. Friday, Oct 134 – 5 pm. Free

In association with Celtic Colours, The Inverness County Centre for the Arts is delighted to host an artists’ talk by the three outstanding textile artists featured in the Textile Journeys exhibition on view in the gallery:  Helene Blanchet, Anne Morrell Robinson and Adrienne Yorinks.

Textile artist Hélène Blanchet has been dabbling in fibre arts ever since she can remember and has been quilting on and off for over 25 years. She is mostly self-taught and has taken a few workshops, mostly in surface design. For several years her husband’s work gave them the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world while homeschooling their three children. These travels nourished her love of traditional textiles of all kinds, old and new, and have had tremendous influence on her work. She draws inspiration from these traditions, the natural world, family and her beloved Nova Scotia.
When Hélène stopped homeschooling in 2007 she turned her hand fulltime to the fibre arts and busied herself entering juried shows; locally, nationally and internationally, for which she has won several ribbons. In 2009 she and her husband moved off-grid to a small cabin in the woods in the Cape Breton Highlands to “get their bearings”.  This period in the deep woods provided a time of quiet reflection.
In 2011, the couple moved to downtown Calgary to seek their second fortune (having spent the first). It was in Calgary that Hélène began to make her first cityscapes. At age 50, she learned a trade, and became a professional gardener. This too further inspired her art.
Upon arrival in Calgary Hélène immediately began to make small art quilts which depicted her new life. Knowing full-well that their stint “out West” was a temporary one, she decided to document their stay in story quilts.The series “Calgary Days” features quilts that depict everyday scenes, activities and events unique to their stay in Calgary. The people, the sights, the colours are all captured in her signature folk art style. A natural story-teller, Hélène brings her stories to life in the minutia of detail featured in every piece.Tiny bits of cloth are painstakingly appliquéd with minuscule stitches onto a background of fine quilting and adorned with colourful embroidery threads and wee glass beads. The more one looks, the more the story unfolds to reveal a delightful scene of our everyday. “Calgary Days” is Hélène’s first solo exhibit.

Anne Morrell Robinson has fibre in her genes. Her ancestors were quilt makers, weavers, embroiders, knitters and seamstresses. She started sewing as a child, making doll clothes and then moved on to making her own one-of-a-kind garments.The revival of quilt making in the 1970’s inspired her to start designing and stitching her own quilts. With almost 600 quilts to her credit she still finds great joy in the whole process. With what seems like an endless supply of fabric and ideas waiting to be turned into quilts and rugs the journey continues.Anne also makes hooked rugs, art dolls and jewelry. Artworks can be purchased at her studio – KingRoss Quilts and Fibre Arts as well as local galleries. Anne Morrell Robinson is one of Nova Scotia’s most renowned quilters who has won many awards for her work and has written numerous articles for quilt magazines. She also enjoys teaching and inspiring her students to do original work.
Anne’s studio is attached to a restored century old farmhouse nestled in an off the beaten track valley located in the heart of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Her work is influenced by the history and environment that surround her.

Adrienne Yorinks is an artist that works in a variety of mediums specializing in fabric. Her textile art and personal memory quilts have been exhibited throughout the world.These works of art are created from photographs and family mementos combined in a unique transfer process with one of a kind quilting, fabrics, and stitching. In addition to her personal memory quilts and client commissions, one of her other mediums are art for the use of illustrating in numerous books. With Adrienne’s inspirations incolors, fabrics, textures and original blends of the modern and traditional, it has earned her a number of citations and awards.Her newest project is a book she has illustrated and co-wrote with Jeanette Larson titled, “Hummingbirds Facts and Folklore from the Americas” was released in February 2011

The talk is open to the public and free of charge.