New exhibit at Peer Gallery

Bob Hainstock & Sally Warren
‘Stand Back, Come Closer’ 
Opening: Saturday, October 14,  1:00  –  4:00
Exhibition:  October 14 – October 25
Gallery hours:  Daily  1:00 – 4:00 
This exhibition is the third collaboration at Peer Gallery by these two veteran Nova Scotia printmakers
and dramatically illustrates the extreme contrast in scale and language used in recent work.
In Sally’s work, the body speaks.  Hers is the expressive language of hands and feet and torsos.
Come close to enter intimate, detailed landscapes of muscles, tendons or simple fluid lines which,
when taken in isolation, poignantly reveal deep emotions of which the subject can be unaware.
‘Viewers will have to take many steps back to grapple with Hainstock’s 4’x4’ monsters.
His subject is the changing landscapes of rural place, where big, powerful skies imply new meaning
to future environments and threatened viability to rural culture and communities.