10 DAYS IN OCTOBER~Official Opening Friday, October 6 at 2pm

There will be a 10 Days opening event on Friday October 6 , 2:00pm at The Hall, 44 King Street in Parrsboro, which just happens to be the venue for the Single Artist Collection Exhibition. After the opening and meet and greet with the attending artists, organizers and patrons, the first Exhibition Walking Tour will begin that follows a route through town to take in the work of the Featured Artists Exhibition

  1. The Municipal Building – Susan Patterson – painting
  2. Seabright Gallery – Kim Aerts – painting
  3. The ” 10 Days” 3D Exhibition.- 171 Main St.
  4. Blackrock Bistro Gallery – Len Wagg – photography
  5. Art Lab Studios – Wayne Boucher – painting
Robert More

Executive Director

Parrsboro Creative