“Connection”, a Photopolis exhibition of photography, is in the Corridor Gallery October 2 – 30, 2017

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Photopolis Group Exhibition
October 2 – 30, 2017

(Halifax) As part of Photopolis: The Halifax Festival of Photography Gary Castle, Shannon Donovan, Philip LaPage, Doug Van Hemessen, Katarina Marinic, Brandt Eisner and Susan Walmstrom exhibit varied and intensely interesting images on the theme of “connection”. This exhibition was curated by Lynn Ellis, a MFA Candidate at Maine Media College. Connection is on at the Corridor Gallery until October 30.

Images clockwise from top left: Gary Castle, Shannon Donovan, Doug Van Hemessen, Katarina Marinic, Philip LaPage, Brandt Eisner and Susan Walmstrom.

On the theme of “connection”:

Gary Castle, formerly a Dalhousie University medical photographer, shows images of children connecting to one another. Shannon Donovan, a current NSCAD University BFA student, explores narratives involving history and time. She uses city architecture and crumbling walls to create haunting images evolving our connections to the past and our disappearing landscapes. Doug Van Hemessen, a Bealart graduate, uses abstract forms that “connect”, sometimes in ironic ways, to explore the theme. Composition using colour, form and pattern constitute his images. Katarina Marinic, who holds a major in photography from NSCAD, focuses on the idealized female form and examines the dynamic between flawed and flawless bodies made possible through imaging technology. Aiming to explore liminal spaces that challenge unattainable perfection, she researches historical and contemporary depictions of women, and renders the body to uncanny effect. Philip LaPage from PEI uses this theme to produce a collection called A Certain Distance, which explores his experience of waking up in the hospital 25 years ago with no memory. He explores the distance between knowing and feeling. Brandt Eisner and Susan Walmstrom present work entitled Odd Jobs. These self-portraits of Eisner connect dream-like hyper-real settings with real life challenges.

For more information on Photopolis, please visit their website.

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Programming Coordinator
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