Oxford Riverside Gallery Exhibition Shaun Whalen – Photography

Shaun Whalen – Photography
Oxford Riverside Gallery
September 22 – November 17, 2017

Opening Friday 22nd September 6pm-8pm

What makes a great photographer? Find out on Friday night at Oxford Riverside Gallery with a view of some of the work of Shaun Whalen. From capturing a U2 concert to an eagle in flight, Shaun demonstrates that first and foremost a great photographer must have their eyes open. Photography is the art of observation. To be aware of what is above and below, near and far. Related to this is a high degree of curiosity, and Shaun does not restrict himself to any single area of life. He is just as interested in a bird in flight as a rock star in full flow. Shaun has a clear vision, and the ability to share this with us. Without a doubt, he can work fast and capture the fleeting moment; but we only experience a calm and restfulness when viewing these images. Part of Shaun’s secret is his ability to abstract a scene down to its constituent parts. All distractions are removed, and we focus on what really matters. He can do this because he not only understands his camera, but he also understands light. Shaun has a heightened consciousness of the quality of light. Combine this with an artist’s vision, and we begin to understand why Shaun’s work is so generally admired. Join us for an evening of great photography.

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