“The Official Birds Of Canada, Canada 150”

My acrylic painting (24 x 18 ) “The Official Birds Of Canada, Canada 150”, will be up for auction on Sunday, September 10th http://www.artbombdaily.com/  Each province and territory in Canada has chosen an official bird to uniquely represent their area of the country.
Painting, top to bottom, left to right:
Manitoba~ The Great Gray Owl
North West Territories~ The Gyrfalcon
Alberta ~ The Great Horned Owl
Quebec~The Snowy Owl
Nova Scotia~ The Osprey
Prince Edward Island~ The Blue Jay
British Columbia~The Stellar’s Jay
New Brunswick~ The Black-capped Chickadee
Yukon~ The Raven
Ontario~ The Common Loon
Saskatchewan~ The Sharp-tailed Grouse
Nunavut~ The Rock Ptarmigan
Newfoundland~ The Atlantic Puffin

These feathered ambassadors may have very different traits, but all enjoy freedom in our vast beautiful land, to explore and possibly soar to new heights. They are all part of our Canadian family tree and each contributes to the mosaic which makes our country so special.

~ Janice Guinan  (visual artist, maritime art list)