Photographs and peasant magic fill The Craig Gallery spaces this September

Join us Wednesday, September 6, 7pm to welcome this year’s Photopolis Board Group Show in our Main Gallery and Ann Morash’s Pysanky work, peasant magic: invocations in wax.

Main Gallery: Convergence: Photopolis Board Group Show

Peter Dykhuis

Lorraine Field

Adrian Fish

Frankie McAulay

Susan McEachern

*Heather McLeod

Roxanne Smith

Wilma Needham

Reception Wednesday, September 6, 7-9pm

artist talk & closing party Sunday, October 8, 1pm

FREE All Welcome

In the autumn of 2015 a dedicated group of volunteers met at ViewPoint Gallery to begin planning The Photopolis Festival for October 2017. These volunteers varied in their artistic practice but unified in their determination to organize a festival that represented a wide range of artistic voices and practices. This exhibition presents the individual artistic practices of the executive, the board, the coordinator, and volunteers with this showcase exhibition. We see that the artwork of the organizing committee is as varied as the work celebrated in The Photopolis Festival.

This exhibition showcases the art practices of The Halifax Photopolis Festival planning committee. They are; president: Wilma Needham, past-president: Heather McLeod, coordinator: Frankie Macaulay, board members and volunteers: Peter Dykhuis, Lorraine Field, Adrian Fish, Susan MacEachern, and Roxanne Smith. Their artworks range from documentary examinations, feminism, cultural identity, and to the personal. Their work is as varied as the works celebrated in The Halifax Photopolis Festival.

Case Gallery: peasant magic: invocations in wax

egg works by Ann C. Morash

Reception Wednesday, September 6, 7-9pm

artist demo: Saturday, September 9, 9am – noon

Of her upcoming exhibit Ann Morash says, “…we have only inklings of the extensive variety of original motifs from the past. In my own works, I use several traditional motifs as the base and allow my fancy (and indeed, the fancy of the egg – eggs themselves will sometimes dictate how they want to be decorated!) to grow the design organically from there. Some of my eggs will tell a complete story – others start with one basic wish and motif, and the rest of the design is decoration to support and enliven that motif.

This show was conceived as a way to show the diversity of pieces that can be created with the simplest of tools – wax, dye and flame. As the world seems to spin ever faster into the future, with more attention often being paid to screens than to each other, I find I embrace the tranquility and simplicity of creating these pieces..”

We also begin September with our first of four Life Drawing Sessions in The Craig Gallery in our Blue Mondays Series. The first session will be on Monday, September 4th at 7-9pm, there is a $5.00 drop in fee. All Participants should arrive by 6:50. These are closed sessions with no admittance once doors are locked at 7pm. Limited seating, first come first served.

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