Say Hello to the 2017/18 Media Art Scholars!!

Say Hello to the 2017/18 Media Art Scholars!

The CFAT Media Arts Scholarship program is a rigorous six-month education and mentorship opportunity for participants to make a media art project in a medium in which they have little to no previous experience. Guided by an established artist in their chosen field, the scholars work towards a final exhibition of the works. This year’s scholars will be exhibiting their works here at the Centre in February 2018.

Juss Heinsalu

Juss Heinsalu is an Estonian artist, focusing on clay as a medium, a source, and an environment through a research-creation methodology. Heinsalu received his MFA degree at NSCAD University; has previously studied at Estonian Academy of Arts, in Germany and US; and has participated in various projects and exhibitions across Europe and North-America.

Heinsalu will be working on a project Lumination: clay-light, to explore the relationship between matter and energy. By combining and translating physical materials and forms with digital means, he intends to create optical conditions to observe and reveal the embodiment of life within inanimate materials.

Keelin Jack

Keelin Jack is a Nova Scotian theatre artist, who is expanding her ability to survive as such through diversifying and developing her skill set. She is currently working on her first full length play, EVE, through the Bus Stop Theatre Playwrights’ Unit, as well as a number of short film scripts.

Wintering is a short documentary film about bee farmers, made by a beekeeper’s daughter. Through  interviews with and footage of working beekeepers, as well as animated recreations of memories, wintering – the process of preparing to survive the ruthless season – unfolds.

Andrea Thorne

Andrea Thorne explores and encourages the sensual beauties of life. Her ideas formulate in gardens while gathering baskets full of rose petals or while watching the biennial mullein open it’s first yellow blooms. She is the founder of Snake Days and the proprietress of the Blue Monday Meadery.

Night Garden is a continuing project that provokes the audience through auditory and olfactory spectacle. Night Garden explores the gentle energy and soft power of herbs, celebrates their virtues and affirmations, and reaches to engage with the secret rhythm of fire.

Charvel Rappos

Charvel Rappos’ process is as familiar as she.

Her work will disorganize and shift position as a means of understanding the alienating principles that technology-driven urban landscapes thrive on.

Ian Funke-McKay

Currently working in Halifax, Ian Funke-McKay graduated from NSCAD University (BFA ‘14). With a focus on painting, he is currently building specialized emblems, figurines, and displays, that are combined for exhibition purposes. He works seasonally as a visual arts instructor at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts.

Ian’s project, Light of the Moon, was developed through the study of emblems, symbols, and pattern, found within medieval artifacts. Ian looks to the format of medieval display and how it could be translated to newer technologies and contemporary exhibition. He will search for unique patterns that are made visible when sequential generations of a symbol or emblem are revealed in harmony. Results are revealed in a three-dimensional light show.

Kate Grey

Kate Grey is a ceramic installation artist from Calgary, Alberta. She studied at ACAD University but earned her BFA in Ceramics with a Minor in Art History at NSCAD University, Spring of 2016. Grey currently lives and works in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Grey’s project, The Silver Garniture, is an installation based work that combines the mediums of ceramics and digital projection mapping. The work will focus on creating a narrative between ceramic objects and video/image projections.