Yoga and Clay Green Man Workshop

Yoga and Clay  “Green Man Workshop”

Mary Jane Lundy/Crescent Clay Studio

274 East Dover Road

East Dover, Nova Scotia

902 852 4467/

(no experience necessary)

1 day workshop

9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday August 27, 2017

$75.00 includes all materials and firing.


“The day will begin with a nice cup of hot yoga tea followed by a Yoga meditation to relax your mind/body to inspire your creative juices to flow into a clay project of creating your own personal  “Green Man”*, a terracotta clay leafy man. You will  learn Techniques of using templates from man made to natural objects  and also how to create a sculptural  face. There will be a Mindful nature walk, to collect your leaves for your Green Man.

Please wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather of the day to be outside. The workshop will take place on my studio balcony.  For the clay bring an apron.


We’ll break for lunch which I will create vegetarian soup to share. You’re welcome to bring other foods to share if you like.  The day will end with our finished works placed in a circle and a Yoga meditation to close out our day of creativity.  The work will take about 1 week to dry before firing in an electric kiln.  You’ll be contacted when they are ready for pick up. Space is limited to 7.”


*“The Green Man is any kind of carving which shows a head or face surrounded by leaves. It is believed to have been intended as a symbol of growth and rebirth, the eternal seasonal cycle of the coming of spring and the life of Man.