Barbara McLean’s “Timelines” Opens at The Craig Gallery July 26

Barbara McLean:


We are thrilled to invite you to the opening of renowned Nova Scotian artist Barbara McLean’s exhibit of new paintings, “Marks in Time” opening at The Craig Gallery on Wednesday, July 26, 7-9pm.

“In this exhibition Barbara has paired paintings with selections from her personal journals which span a period of 16 years. The entries and artwork reference events as mundane as a winter storm (Winter Weather 1 and 2 ) to events as momentous as a young girl’s suicide and the tsunami of 2011.

Most pieces are abstract, Barbara’s preferred method of painting, however, some quotes seemed to demand a more representational approach; Harvest and Below are examples.

A major cohering element of this exhibition is the text that weaves through journals of 16 years and prompts paintings that respond to the cited events.”

McLean’s work will show through August ending on September 3, 2017. Please join us to celebrate her new work.

Barbara McLean, Marks in Time

Opening reception: Wednesday, July 26, 7-9pm

Tear Down: Sunday, September 3, 3-5pm

Exhibit Dates: July 27 – September 3




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