My name is Tammy Bourgeois and I am part owner of a new venture called LIVE LEARN NOW and we are hosting a couple of courses this August in Halifax with Juan Martinez.   We have begun a company where we want to help bring courses like this to the area so all artists can take advantage of this great master class without having to travel so far to get great instruction opportunities like this.

Juan is an instructor at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto and having him come to Halifax is a great opportunity for local Maritime artists to take advantage of his classes and knowledge.  We are looking for contacts to help us get the word out to the artistic community via their own mail lists and contacts or artists like yourself that might want to learn something new.

The courses are listed as events on our Facebook page –  or people can register here on our website –
Our goal at LIVE LEARN NOW is to build a relationship with the Maritime Artistic community that can benefit everyone here in our own backyard.  We are also offering a 15% discount to all VANS members just use the word Earlybird in the discount box when registering. So please share this with all professional and budding artists alike and like us on facebook to help spread the word so we can continue to bring great opportunities like this to the maritimes.

Thanks so much, Tammy