Displaced : Carrie Allison-Goodfellow at ARTsPLACE

Carrie Allison-Goodfellow

ARTsPLACE Artist-run Centre is excited to announce that Carrie Allison-Goodfellow will be the next artist to show in the main space. Displaced will open July 23, 1 – 3 pm and remain on through August 27. The artist will be present at the opening reception.

Displaced contemplates, and calls into question, the destruction and alteration of natural habitats for urbanization and developmental purposes. Carrie Allison-Goodfellow’s work is rooted in her identity as a mixed Indigenous European woman. Her work explores issues such as land, place, identity, histories, environmental discourses, and personal histories and concerns, using botanicals as metaphors for narrating these issues. Through researching both botanical migrations and Aboriginal histories she forms connections that speak to an alternative grand narrative involving the environment, westernization, globalization and Indigenous stories. Using both traditional and non-traditional painting mediums Carrie plays with concepts of ephemerality and colonization. Displaced questions colonized space and what the costs of these spaces are.

Carrie Allison-Goodfellow is a mixed Indigenous European artist currently pursuing her Master in Fine Art at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Carrie received her Bachelor degrees in Art History and in Fine Art from NSCAD University, where she also participated in the Arts in Schools Initiation Program, teaching and practicing art in South Africa. After graduating, Carrie joined in the NSCAD Community Studio Residency program in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, where she maintained a lively artistic practice within the community, completing two public murals. Carrie’s work responds to her maternal Cree and Metis ancestry, thinking through inter-generational cultural loss. Her work seeks to reclaim, remember, recreate and celebrate her ancestry through visual discourses. Carrie looks to Indigenous, mixed-race, anti-racist, feminist and environmental theorists to critically examine the world around her.

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