Gallery 215 News

First Artist Mini-Residency on Saturday, June24th

Stop by Saturday, June 24, for our first of many Artist Mini Residencies happening at the gallery this summer. The talented Susanne MacLachlan and Ann Whalen will be present and weaving, allowing you to see just some of the work that goes into the beautiful end products, like this piece of tapestry by Susanne that is in our gallery this summer!

Gallery 215 is getting ready to celebrate Canada’s 150

This year we are connecting with our Nova Scotian Heritage, showing how creative hands used available materials to create Fine Art and Craft.

We’re located at 8247 Highway 215 in Selma (near Maitland) in the former Selmah Schoolhouse – also known as Selma Community Hall. Whether you are looking for an amazing artwork to remember your trip to Nova Scotia, or a gift for a special occasion, we feel confident that a piece of inspiring Fundy Heritage art will be appreciated for years to come.

If you’re traveling about Nova Scotia and interested in history, you’ll want to visit us because we’re in a heritage building that dates back to 1865, during the golden age of sail.

Visit us at: Gallery 215, 8247 Highway 215, Selma, NS  B0N 1T0
Contact us at:  Tel: (902) 261-2151  /