Textile Art on Display at Gallery Nineteen Nineteen


Playing with Fiber takes two forms

Making something beautiful out of discarded worn clothing is a long standing tradition in the Maritimes and the resulting hooked mats often become family heirlooms. The artist, liza Hageraats, has focused on folktales that feature animals as the main characters. Some of the stories are well known, others a little more obscure and come from cultures both far and near.

To compliment the hooked mats, liza has also explored wet felting to produce portraits of birds. This process is more like working with watercolor, free and flowing. There is both machine and hand embroidery embellishing her winged creatures. The artist’s love of color play is obvious in both styles of work.

On display for the entire month of July at Gallery Nineteen Nineteen, inside the historic Dean’s Flowers Building at 6025 Stanley Street, the opening reception is June 28th from 6 to 8:30 pm.