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White Rabbit 2017: Call for Staff

How to apply?
Send the following to whiterabbitarts@gmail.com:

Expression of interest or cover letter describing why you are interested in the position and why you would be a good fit for the position.
Resume or other demonstration of prior work, as appropriate and available.
Prior relationship with Red Clay and White Rabbit, if any.
Proposal, meal plan, philosophy, demonstration of artistic practice, or other supporting material, as appropriate for the position.
About funded/unfunded pay amounts

Our funding confirmation is currently pending so you will see two numbers for pay: funded and unfunded. Actual compensation may fall anywhere between these two numbers. If we receive full funding, the higher number will be rewarded. We apologize for the uncertainty.

Positions Available:
Sponsorship Coordinator
Residency Coordinator
Residency Administrator
Red Clay Radio Manager
Residency Cook Staff (2)

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Honey & Salt: Self-Directed Residences at Red Clay

Since 2015 Red Clay Farm has offered self-directed residencies ranging from 1-3 weeks.

To apply, send a little information about yourself, the dates you would like to come, and the project you are working on to

redclayforest@gmail.com. Include “Honey & Salt” in the subject line.

Cost per week:
Private Rooms                              $ 80
Tiny Cabins                                  $ 70
Dorm Bed in the main house        $ 60
Dorm Bed in the greenhouse        $ 60
Camping Fees                               $ 40Facilities include: cooking facilities, internet, solar shower, and studio space. Food, transportation, and workshops not included. Not offered Aug 7 – 22nd.

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Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Weekend Workshops

A summer weekend of art instruction & practice, adventures by the sea, and food fresh from the gardens. The workshop fee is $120.00 per workshop and includes, meals, instruction, and supplies.
Limited to 12 participants per workshop.
No application or deadline, first come first serve.Email: redclayforest@gmail.com / Subject: Workshops
For full details see: www.redclayarts.ca or select a workshop below.

Josh Collins

June 16th – 18th
A primer for designing within an environmental context. Design walks a line between being a passive and active agent in people’s life

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Carlos Gomez

June 23rd – 25th
Woodcut printing is the transfer and reproduction of an image from wood onto canvas or paper.  This traditional technique is centuries old and has historical roots in various countries around the world.

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Stream of Comics
Rebecca Roher

July 14th – 16th

Rebecca Roher is a cartoonist, illustrator and educator. Investigating the interplay between text and images, participants will create comics from stream of consciousness writings and en plein air sketches.
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Lindsay Dobbin
August 4th -6th

Listening is a path of presence. And it can be the simplest of creative acts — a place to begin from, before responsive action. Drawing upon a lifelong relationship with sound and landscape, Dobbin will guide participants in playful engagements
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Red Clay Studio Society is pleased to thank Arts Nova Scotia for their support of our Further Down the Rabbit Hole Program.

Our mailing address is:

White Rabbit Arts

po box 35

Bass River, NS B0M1B0