Painting Panels and Canvas Carrier ~ For Sale

Painting panels, Pintura Archival

For sale. Fine art painting panels.
Quantities sizes and prices below:

Qty. Size price each:

69 5×7 $2.00
76 8×10 $4.00
26 11×14 $7.00
34 16×20 $14.00
35 18×24 $19.00

Total $1765.00

Pintura Archival Painting Panels
Made in Italy
The permanence of a wood painting support
The classic surface of primed canvas

Made from special (approximately 5/32″ thick) compressed wood and covered with an even textured canvas that has an acid-free, all media priming. With these painting panels you still get the classic appeal of a true canvas support with the stiffness and lasting quality of wood. For oil or acrylic.
I just have too many and need to sell some. They are priced 40% below my wholesale cost. I would like to sell them as a lot rather than individually. $1500.00 cash takes all 240 canvases! You will never find a deal like this again.

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Canvas Carry Case Brand New, Jullian

1/2 retail price! Asking Price $100
Whether you’re painting en plein air, going to or from a class, or just looking to safely store unfinished paintings, this superb canvas carrying case from Jullian is sure to please! Made from strong yet lightweight bass wood, this sturdy case securely carries and protects wet paintings during transport. Adjustable interior dividers let you carry as many as 6, 3/4″ canvases in a range of sizes up to 16×20″. The lid swings smoothly on brass plated hinges and latches securely shut, while a leather handle and an adjustable linen shoulder strap make carrying a breeze. Just slide a wet canvas between the dividers and shut the lid to keep it safe between painting sessions. Enjoy the freedom of painting outdoors without worrying about damaging your wet paintings — keep them safe and secure in the Jullian Canvas Carrying Case!

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