new exhibit at Peer Gallery

Anke Holm & Barbara Mclean are having an exhibit 

of new works of fused glass and acrylic abstracts.
Opening Saturday, May 20, 2 – 5 
at Peer Gallery, 167 Lincoln St., Lunenburg
Not Just Black and White
Barbara McLean has been exploring different approaches to abstraction over the last ten years. Her current investigation focuses non traditional painting media such as tea, coffee, charcoal and graphite combined with acrylics. Tea and coffee give warm, subtle tones that pair well with the drama of raw charcoal and black acrylic.
Recently Anke Holm has been working with blacks and whites with accents of colour in her fused glass work.”As in photography, the impact on a viewer can be aided or hindered by the choice of using black and white versus colour. Making a deliberate decision about the reduction to black and white, or colour has a direct visual effect on the impact a work can have.”
It seems natural that the two would pair for an exhibition at Peer.
You can find out more of Anke’s work at:
You can find out more about Barbara’s work at: