Experimental Drawing & 2017 Workshops

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Winner of NAOPA’s 2016 Main & Station Award Carlos Gomez is a Colombian artist who resides in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He is a member of the Nova Scotia Printmakers and works primarily in printmaking, drawing and painting. His work is influenced by the vanguards of the European modern art movement as well as the pre-hispanic artwork of Latin America.
Gomez is a full time artist who is passionate about sharing his knowledge with curious learners and has experience as an art teacher in various settings including schools and long term care facilities.  He splits his time between Canada and Colombia and is currently in the process of developing an artist residency program at his studio in Colombia.  His printmaking studio, Plancha Perdida, is in Villeta, Cundinamarca, surrounded by mountains, fruits and tropical birds.

Register for Experimental Drawing 1 & 2 with Nonesuch Artist in Residence Carlos Gomez

​This series of workshops will pull away from academic drawing and will instead explore a more intuitive side of drawing.  Drawing as a complex world of symbolic relationships and a way of expressing thought.  We draw with our brains, which can be divided into rational and irrational thinking.  Rational drawing is concerned with control of the line, representation, and managing light and volume.  Irrational drawing involves emotions, sensations and abstraction.  These workshops will focus on bridging these two sides of drawing to foster creativity.

For detailed information and to register…http://hmsnonesuch.com/experimental-drawing-1-2/

To learn more about this and other upcoming workshops, please visit our website here http://hmsnonesuch.com/workshops-seminars-conferences/learn/ or follow the links below. 

MAY 13 and MAY 20 from 1pm to 4pm :  Experimental Drawing 1 & 2 with Carlos Gomez. REGISTER NOW…  http://hmsnonesuch.com/experimental-drawing-1-2/
JUNE 4 from 9am to 5pm :  Collage Creation  with Rhonda Barrett. REGISTER NOW…   http://hmsnonesuch.com/collage-creation/
JUNE 29 from 1:30pm to 3pm :  Cut & Paste Fun  with Judith Appleton. REGISTER NOW…   http://hmsnonesuch.com/cut-paste-fun/
JULY 29 from 11am to 1pmPlein Air Drawing Excursion  with Sara McKarney.  REGISTER NOW… http://hmsnonesuch.com/plein-air-drawing-workshop/
AUGUST 1 from 10:30am to 4:30pm :  Doodle Your Way to Tangling with Lori St. Clair. REGISTER NOW…    http://hmsnonesuch.com/doodle-your-way-to-tangling/
AUGUST 2 from 1pm to 4pm :  A Field Recording WorkshopExploring the Parrsboro Soundscape  with Scott Smallwood. REGISTER NOW… http://hmsnonesuch.com/exploring-the-soundscape-of-parrsboro/
AUGUST 2 & 3 from 6:30pm to 9pm :  Painting Realism in Watercolour  with Bruce St. Clair. REGISTER NOW…   http://hmsnonesuch.com/painting-realism-in-watercolour/
SEPTEMBER 16 or 17 from 2pm to 4pm :  Plein Air Watercolour Painting with Brian D. Cohen.  REGISTER NOW…   http://hmsnonesuch.com/plein-air-watercolour-painting/
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