Truro Art Society News for Local Artists

Good Morning TAS members and area artists
Your Truro Art Society has plan for the months of May, June and July. We hope you will participate in some of our  upcoming activities:
President Joel Calabrese is seeking help us with some of our TAS planning.  This will involve certain responsibilities and positions.  To help with this, several Board members have offered to mentor incoming participants in their new roles. If you have some time to share, please contact Joel at <>, or Christene at <>.
For interested in our “Generations Together” exhibition, here are the details on delivery, opening and take down of that show.
  . Delivery of work:  Friday, June 2 (11am -1pm)
.Opening and Celebration: June 6 (7 – 8:30 pm)
        .       Pick up artwork: June 23 (9am – 4pm)
The poster is attached below if you have any questions.
June 8
TAS will hold it’s annual Annual General Meeting from 7 – 9 at the McCarthy Gallery. At this meeting we will have information on upcoming exhibitions and workshop plans as well as want to enjoy a social time together in the gallery. We welcome new members and those who are simply interested in what is going on.
May & July:
  We are coordinating a Canada 150 show with Brandt Eisenor at Novel Tea for the month of July. This will be an exhibition of 150 paintings by artists in this area created on 6X6” untempered Masonite, which the TAS  plans to purchase for you (artists will have to provide their own gear).   The purpose is to recognize the significance of this year. You can use your piece to celebrate, comment on, or protest Canada.
To jumpstart this show, we would like to plan a series of paint parties at various locations and invite artists to create up to 150 small paintings in a broad Canadian theme between the dates of May 16 – 30.  We are open to collage, acrylic, mounted watercolour, low relief, and mixed media in all art styles. Some workshop dates have already been proposed but not yet confirmed and we will send you those dates and locations as soon as we can.
While it is noted that Brandt takes 40% commission on works sold, we suggest that prices be capped at $75.00. If you have an idea or location for a workshop, let us know.
Please contact Christene <> if you are interested in participating.