“Ravenous for Rhubarb” MINIs show

The Winding River Art Gallery
Exit 11, Mastodon Ridge, Stewiacke

Call for submissions for
“Ravenous for Rhubarb” MINIs show

In partnership with the Town of Stewiacke’s Ravenous for Rhubarb Festival, Winding River Art Gallery is offering an open show entitled “Ravenous for Rhubarb Minis”. ALL entries must have some ‘connection’ to Rhubarb!
This show is open to all artists and artisans. There will be a special section for children ages 10 – 16.
The show will take place from Friday, June 2nd to Friday, June 16th. Judging will happen on June 3rd.
You may submit up to three paintings. The entry fee is $5 per painting. Work must not measure more than 11” x 14”. Works in acrylic and oil do not need to be framed, but must be finished on the edges (no staples). Watercolours must be framed, and under glass unless stretched on frame.
There will be two prizes which will consist of half the total remitted fees for each section. (One for adults and one for children.) The winners will be announced on Sunday, June 11th at 3 pm, the final day of the Festival.
Please note all entries must be received at the Gallery by May 28th. Any paintings sold will be subject to a 35% commission to the Gallery. If possible we will ask purchaser to leave their painting for the entire show.
Please notify Gail at gailvdavis@gmail.com by May 10th if you are planning to submit any paintings.
If you have questions, please contact Gail at 902-757-2107 or the Gallery at 902-639-1646.