What’s Happening at Harvest Gallery

Harvest Gallery is pleased to present

No Plan B”

new work by Blacksmith, Brad Hall

and Painter, George Walford.

One a blacksmith the other a painter yet, Walford is well-known to include metal (as well as fabrics, found objects, sand, etc.) in many of his paintings, and Hall does not overlook patina (natural or coaxed) and even colour, in the creation of his works. Their work is both singular and beautifully complementary.

Brad attended the Sheridan School of Art in the early 70’s. Brad works with a variety of metals and traditional blacksmithing techniques – forging, welding, banding and riveting. During his career he has worked in a variety of mediums including photography, pottery and weaving as well as the restoration of heritage buildings. He has found the transition into creating with metal both exciting and challenging and his work clearly reflects a strong affinity for these materials. Of the work in this show, Brad suggests “as with music, food and the like, there are the instruments, like a cello, sax, cilantro and lime. Alone they shine, together they create another language … each piece is its own, but together their path becomes a journey.

George received his formal training at the Luton Art School in England..“Composition, texture and colour, in that order, are the elements integral to my abstract works. Each work is composed formally and spontaneously in a variety of applied textures. This step in the process could be considered plan ‘A’ as I have no choice but to work with whatever form the texture takes. The surface of each work is the result of both intention and intuition. Relating to this surface, I use colour to integrate the various elements. As each piece has no real subject, visual energy is generated by my intuitive responses to the initial material structures.”
Intention, intuition, a spontaneous journey … there’s no plan b. Pull up a stool to sit and take in the view. The show runs until May 14th.


462 Main St
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
B4P 1E2


Lynda Macdonald