Peer Gallery opening

Peer Gallery is starting its 16th season.
The gallery was conceived by Susan Hudson, RCA, Don Pentz, RCA, David Pember & Scott Macleod. They created a gallery that would be contemporary and experimental in direction.The gallery is a non profit co-operative space. Each of the artists are members, sharing the work load, finances and collegiality. The advantage of the co-operative model for a gallery is the collegial atmosphere of sharing, success not based on sales, a chance to experiment, having a storefront, website and promotion.
As an artist of the Peer gallery there is no pressure to conform, all members are equal partners. A decision was made early on to feature diversity, only original work, no reproductions.Presently the gallery shows, paintings, handcrafted prints, fused glass, wood sculptures and objects made from natural sources as well as from recycled materials.
There are 14 gallery members :
Zalman Amit, Jacqueline Cohen, Regina Coupar, Bob Hainstock, Anke Holm, Susan Hudson, RCA, Barbara Mclean, David Pember, Anne Tweed, Tom Ward, Sally Warren, George Walford, Jane Whitten, Lisa Wright
Peer Gallery Hours,
June 1- Oct. 15: Daily, 10:30 – 5:30
Peer Gallery, 167 Lincoln St., Lunenburg