White Rabbit Due the 21st and other hippity news

Last Call for Rabbits!

2017 Artwork by
Hennah & Shaela

We have a long tradition of exceptional artists who’ve created our annual designs. The Red Clay Studio Society board is delighted to announce their gratitude and awe for the work done by Hennah VerhoevenShaela Creshion.
Each year White Rabbit gets a new look. This annual artwork gives our amorphous group an identity, a banner to band together under and a new t-shirt to distinguish alumni.
We think you’ll agree, it’s some pretty.

DUE APRIL 21st  White Rabbit Residency: Call for Artists

The Red Clay Studio Society is pleased to invite applications for the 9th annual White Rabbit Artist Residency. The residency is a 7-day immersive experience in which emerging and established artists are invited to set up camp and to find/lose themselves in practice, creation and collaboration. The residency culminates in the White Rabbit Festival, a public celebration where residents will have the opportunity to showcase their journey and works to an audience of more than two hundred.  [more info]

White Rabbit Residency: August 12th – 19th
White Rabbit Festival: August 19th – 20th

Red Clay Farm, Upper Economy, Nova Scotia (map)

$390 includes food and accommodation (camping). Bursaries available pending confirmation of funding. Please include a statement of your financial position and any relevant details in your application if you would like to be considered for a bursary.

Application Due Date
April 21st, 2017

View call and apply

DUE APRIL 21st  
Stages of Wonderland: Call for Artists

Running concurrently with the White Rabbit Residency, Stages of Wonderland will bring musicians, installation artists, and videographers together to create and present work at the White Rabbit Festival. [more info]

Collaboration period: July 12th – August 19th (may vary)
Presentation at Festival: August 19th – 20th

Red Clay Farm, Upper Economy, Nova Scotia (map)

Honorariums dependent on funding

Application Due Date
April 21st, 2017

View call and apply

 No Deadline.. but spaces are limited  

Honey & Salt: Self-Directed Residences at Red Clay

Since 2015 Red Clay Farm has offered self-directed residencies ranging from 1-3 weeks.

To apply, send a little information about yourself, the dates you would like to come and the project you will be working on to  redclayforest@gmail.com.
Include ‘Honey & Salt’ in the subject line.

Cost per week:
Private Rooms                              $ 80
Tiny Cabins                                  $ 70
Dorm Bed in the main house        $ 60
Dorm Bed in the greenhouse        $ 60
Camping Fees                               $ 40

Facilities include cooking facilities, internet, solar shower, and studio space. Food, transportation, and workshops not included. Not offered Aug 7 – 22nd.

[more info]

New Dates New Workshops
Further Down the Rabbit Hole:

Weekend Workshops A summer weekend of art instruction & practice, adventures by the sea, and food fresh from the gardens. The workshop fee is $120.00 per workshop and includes, meals, instruction, and supplies. Limited to 12 participants per workshop. No application or deadline, first come first serve.

Email: redclayforest@gmail.com / Subject: Workshops

For full details see: www.redclayarts.ca or select a workshop below.

Josh Collins

June 16th – 18th
A primer for designing within an environmental context. Design walks a line between being a passive and active agent in people’s life

View workshop details »

Carlos Gomez

June 23rd – 25th
Woodcut printing is the transfer and reproduction of an image from wood onto canvas or paper.  This traditional technique is centuries old and has historical roots in various countries around the world.

View workshop details »

Stream of Comics
Rebecca Roher

July 14th-16th
Rebecca Roher is a cartoonist, illustrator and educator. Investigating the interplay between text and images, participants will create comics from stream of consciousness writings and en plein air sketches.

View workshop details »

Lindsay Dobbin & Michael Waterman

July 28th-30th
Through experiential and interactive methods anchored in the practice of listening, participants will expand their awareness of the sonic environment and explore creative ways to respond through improvisation and sounding.​

View workshop details »

Stage to Page &
Page to Stage

Colleen MacIsaac
& Dan Bray

August 4th-6th
Colleen and Dan regularly work in tandem. They’ll take you from visualization to actualization, from watercolours to theatre. Colleen will teach the skills of illustration for promotion & Dan will help us reinvent renaissance texts.

View workshop details »

Making Rituals
Jonathan Rotsztain

August 20th 
Maybe our lives have lost meaning? And maybe at the same time, the placebo effect is real. Intentional communal actions help us pause, reflect and gain perspective.  This workshop will explore the power of ritual and narrative drawing to ground, rejuvenate and heal.

View workshop details »

Red Clay Studio Society is pleased to thank Arts Nova Scotia for their support of our Further Down the Rabbit Hole Program

Stages Fundraiser
May 20th 

Bus Stop Theatre



Art, Music, Magic and a chance to dance, more details to come, stay tuned for fun.

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