Join us for a Visioning Workshop on April 8th, 10 till 2

In Hants County (including all of our towns and villages) we have a vibrant community of artisans, both professional and amateur. There are studios, galleries, classes, shows, festivals and other events throughout the year. But could we do even more?

As an artist, artisan, or art lover, do you feel like a part of the arts community or are you looking for more opportunities to exhibit your work, improve on your skill base through classes and workshops, network with fellow artists, develop your portfolio or market yourself as an artist?

The Hants County Arts Council invites everyone who has an interest in the arts to join us for a visioning workshop on April 8th, 10 till 2, upstairs at the Bread Gallery, 7778 Highway #14, Brooklyn.

We will take a look back at the council’s activities over the last decade and Windsor’s Mayor Anna Allen will join us to discuss the results of a recent public engagement session held to discuss arts and culture. We will use this as a starting point to brainstorm and plan ways to create more opportunities to build our community of artists and artisans here in Hants County.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided by the council.