Adele McFarlane Wile and Kate Grey open at The Craig next week!

Next Wednesday, April 5th join us to welcome 2 shows at The Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing:



A sculptural installation of Ocean and Forest Landscapes

Opening Wednesday, April 5TH 7-9pm

Exhibit Dates: April 6-30

Artist Talk April 29th

The Craig Extensions: KATE GREY


A Ceramics Response to Kaas Ghanie’s “Ripple”, currently showing.

Opening Wednesday, April 5TH 7-9pm

Exhibit Dates: April 6-30

April should prove to be a cornucopia of food for thought with two provocative exhibits coming to The Craig Gallery.

Adele McFarlane Wile

“Billow and Well and Bone and Bough are figurative paintings of imagined landscapes. The surface quality of the panels is developed through many stages of layering and wiping away oil paint. The imagery is developed from a combination of drawings from direct observation, memory, and found photographic sources. I also draw upon many different types of writing to inform the work, from ecological essays to ghost stories. These paintings are emotional responses to the ocean and forest, exploring natural cycles through human narrative.”

Adele McFarlane Wile graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Nova Scotia Collage of Design University in 2006 and received her Bachelor of Education from St. Thomas University in 2011. She maintains a studio practice out of her home in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, and teaches in the Department of Art at St. Francis Xavier University. Since 2012 she has been involved with the ASAP Artist-Run Centre, helping to build capacity for contemporary art practices in northeastern nova scotia.

Kate Grey


Kate Grey has created 4 ceramic urns, in response to Kaas Ghanie’s platter show “ripple”. Each urn embody one of the imagined landscapes of Ghanie’s platters and they take shape as anthropomorphic feminine figures that once lead each landscape but have past and are being laid to rest. The combined ceramic shows by Ghanie  and Grey, “ripple” and “effect”, are to ellude to a sense of an imagined future that is based on our current world affairs.

Grey earned her BFA in Ceramics at NSCAD University in the spring of 2016 along with a minor in Art History. Originally from Calgary Alberta and born in North Vancouver BC, Grey began her ceramic degree at ACAD University before moving to Nova Scotia in 2013 where she lives and works on continuing the development of her art practice.

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