Gallery 78 ~ Flying Colours and Explorations in Black and White – Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Spring has sprung!  To mark the changing of the seasons, our two latest exhibitions explore colour.  One exhibition dives into the saturation of a multitude of colours while the other explores the subtleties of black and white.  Take a look below for more details. To visit the exhibitions on-line: click here.

You are warmly welcomed to the opening reception for these two exhibitions: Friday, March 24, 5-7pm

The Heart of the Matter – Explorations in Black and White 

Karen Burk (ceramics) and Peter Thompson (photography)

Monochrome undresses the image and exposes the form.  It condenses and abstracts.  It’s a way of getting closer to “The Heart of the Matter”.

In this exhibition, potter Karen Burk and photographer Peter Thompson collaborate to find the sweet spot in grey, black and white.

Click here to view the entire exhibition on-line.

With Flying Colours

Juxtaposed against the black and white is the latest group exhibition, featuring new works of art by Alexandrya Eaton, Cliff Turner, Werner Arnold, Colin Hugh Smith, Brian MacKinnon, Yvon Gallant, and Daniel Porter. This exhibition is sure to lift the spirits and beckon thoughts of spring.

Upcoming Exhibitions

April 21 – May 14 
(Join the artists for their reception: Friday, April 21, 5-7pm)

Figures – A Group Exhibition

Small Wonders – A Group Exhibition

May 19 – June 11

(Join the artists for their reception: Friday, May 21, 5-7pm)

Anna Cameron – Recent Paintings

 Julie Ann Hughes – Below the Surface
(award winner from metal studio at NB College of Craft and Design)  
June 16 – July 9

(Join us for a celebratory reception: Friday, June 16, 5-7pm)
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