DVAS March 25/17 workshop

March 25, 2017
South End Baptist Church
60 Hastings St.
Dartmouth, NS
9:15am – 3:30pm.
 Annabelle’s Watercolor Street Scene Barrington St.
Annabelle paints mostly with watercolor but has been exploring the use of acrylics. Living in a rural area enables her to discover a variety of interesting subjects. Annabelle loves to paint scenes that involve intricate details, colour and light. She in an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor in Toronto.

The workshop will entail a winter street scene. Discover how ,with the use of cool colours as the dominant color and a few warm colours for contrast you can achieve beautiful lights and shadows. Will be using wet on wet technique for dominant soft texture in snow with some rough/ hand texture and use of musket to save whites/ snow on tree n roof tops etc.

Annabella’s suggests:
        A street scene takes some time to draw, therefore it would be to your advantage to come prepared with your sketch drawn on your w/c paper and bring a picture of your subject.

Contact : Violet Robertson

Workshop : $35.00 members
                   $50.00 non members