Terri Whetstone and Kaashif Ghanie open at The Craig Gallery next week!

Main Gallery Artist Terri Whetstone
Call and Response: Collages and Paintings
at The Craig Gallery
Opening Wednesday, March 1st 7-9PM
Wine and Cheese – FREE EVENT All welcome!
Exhibit Dates March 1st – March 26.
The Craig Extension Artist Kaashif Ghanie
Ripple: Ceramics
Opening Wednesday, March 1st 7-9PM
All Welcome!
Exhibit Dates March 1st – March 26.
In March we welcome two phenomenal artists to The Craig,
Terri Whetstone, originally from Alberta, has staked a claim for herself in Nova Scotia’s Art Community since 1993. 

“I make paintings and collage artworks that amplify a vocabulary of forms and images that are
​ ​threaded through all my work. These are derived from my on-going research into the migration ​ ​of imagery and designs from the East to the West, and collide with my interest in a hybridity of ​ ​ideas from botany, post-apocalyptic film and literature, and music. The idea of “call and response” as a communal tradition and a method of communication and ​ ​ritual group participation can be found in cultures across the globe. I am using the idea of call​ ​and response metaphorically between the collective inspirational source of imagery in my​ ​artwork, myself as the artist, and the audience viewing the art.​”
In our Gallery Extension this month we welcome ceramics by Kaashif Ghanie and his works, Ripple, inspired by the creation of ceramic work to be used as a canvas, a vessel for additional communicative expression. Originally from Ontario, Kaas explores familial ties and cultural and religious elements of upbringing throughout his work.
​”​Raised in a Muslim family, I adhered to traditional religious values and my current practices investigate succinct personal connections within the vessels themselves stand in as reiterations of my intimate history.​”​
​”​The pottery wheel thrown platters that Ghanie will create will reconceive colour expectations associate to certain vegetation. A platters physical purpose is to serve and frame food [vegetation] but as a decorative purpose they are great for potters to use as a large canvas. Ghanie uses the platter as a canvas to create his compositions and has found a strong connection in the ceramic history of serving dishes. The landscapes themselves will have a sense of emptiness and a lack of humanoid presence. This is to allude to an aftermath of a possible carnage, evacuation or collapse of a society. This work will allow him to focus on the specific subject matter of landscape and in this case the re-imagining of it.“​
Two phenomenal exhibits for March in The Craig Gallery! We hope to see you all Opening Night!

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