Photopolis Call for Exhibitions

Call for Exhibitions for Photopolis, the Halifax Festival of Photography (October 1-31, 2017). Photo-based artists, photographers, curators, and galleries are invited to join this city-wide celebration of Photography! Plan an exhibition for Photopolis 2017. Exhibitions are featured in public art galleries, commercial art galleries, artist run galleries, museums, libraries and community centres, as well as alternative exhibition spaces such as studios, cafes, restaurants, foyers or lobbies, university corridors, malls, storefront windows, billboards and other public venues. Photopolis exhibitions include photography shows planned by public and commercial art galleries, as well as exhibitions where photo-based artists/photographers, independent curators or organizations line up venues for photography exhibitions. Registration fee is $175. The online registration deadline for exhibitions is March 31st, 2017.

PHOTOPOLIS: The Halifax Festival of Photography