Marigold MMFI February Artist

This month in the Marigold’s MMFI Art Gallery we have Megan Connors still life paintings “Bread and Circuses”

The exhibit opening is Friday, February 3rd at 6:30 PM and all are welcome!

Marigold Cultural Centre
605 Prince Street
Truro, Nova Scotia | B2N 1G2
(902) 897 – 4004

Megan Connors a native of Cape Breton has been living in Truro for the past 12 years. She is in the final year of her BFA in Fine Arts and Art History at NSCAD University. This show consists of some of the work that have been completed in the past 2 years of her studies.

Using the traditional genre of observational still-life painting, Connors explores the painting of “things” to comment on diverse aspects of contemporary culture: health trends, gender, entertainment and consumption. With painterly attention to detail, she explores how palette, rendering, composition and perspective can impact content and how we perceive objects.

Connors’ title is a direct reference to the ancient satirical poet Juvenal’s phrase ‘bread and circuses’, the diversions and distractions which appease the general populace, fostering neglect of societal realities, civic duty and true acts of heroism.

Megan will be graduating from NSCAD this April and is the recipient of the Robert Pope Foundation Scholarship for Painting.