February at CFAT: New Operations Director, Screenings, Exhibitions and More!

In this months newsletter:
1) Meet our new Operations Director!
2) OUT OF THE CENTRE: Media Art Scholarship Exhibition
3) Winter Fundraiser
4) Crit Night
5) Closed Days

Meet Our New Operations Director:
Sally Raab!

Sally Raab
The Centre for Art Tapes is excited to welcome our new Operations Director, Sally Raab to the team!

Sally Raab is a multidisciplinary artist who dabbles in critical writing and curating. Her work has been both published and exhibited in Canada and the United States; most notable at Lumière in collaboration with her husband and DIY techie Shawn Wolchyn, TRUCK Gallery’s +15 Space and the 2012 Calgary Biennial.

She has been enthusiastically involved in Artist Run Culture for over 6 years. A self-proclaimed governance nerd, she was the Programming Coordinator of Untitled Art Society and has sat on the board of a handful of artist run centres in Alberta. She currently chairs the board and sits on the programming committee of Eyelevel Gallery. Sally is very excited to be taking on the role of Director of Operations and working with such knowledgeable and devoted staff and volunteers.

Sally will start with us on Tuesday, January 31st. If you would like to reach Sally with any questions or to send her a congrats you can reach her at sally@cfat.ca.


2016/17 Media Arts Scholarship Exhibition

The Centre for Art Tapes is pleased to present OUT OF THE CENTRE: The 2016/17 Media Art Scholarship Presentation. For 28 years, the CFAT Media Art Scholarship Program has provided local artists with the chance to explore an aspect of media art with which they have little to no experience. Scholars receive six months of one-to-one guidance from specially selected mentors, as well as workshops taught by experts in areas such as audio, video, production, editing, after effects and electronics. For the duration for the program, they have free access to facilities, equipment, and staff support.

This year’s presentation includes works by:

  • Jeighk Koyote (Mentor: Sam Decoste)
  • Tamar Dina (Mentor: Becka Barker)
  • Todd Fraser (Mentor: Lukas Pearse)
  • Ryan Josey (Mentor: James MacSwain)
  • Kate Ward (Mentor: Susan Tooke)

Thursday, February 9th at 7pm

Enter through the Centre for Art Tapes back door at 2169 Gottingen St.
Suggested Donation of $10

Join us on Thursday, February 16th at 7:30pm for our Winter Fundraiser!

Our cabaret fundraiser will be a night of music, short films, and performances. The night has been curated by long time CFAT member and former Programming Director, James MacSwain. The fundraiser will feature films by Josh Owen, Tim Tracey, Becky Welter-Nolan and Ann Verrall. Performances by Robin Metcalfe and Veronique Mackenzie. The night will include a silent auction and a chance to buy some of our CFAT shirts and totes designed by Paul Hammond.

We are still confirming with artists so stay tuned for more exciting names!

Winter Fundraiser

Thursday, February 16th 2017

Show at 7:30pm

$10 per ticket

Join us for our February Crit Night!

We were so pleased with how well our first ever Crit Night went in January, and we’re counting down the days until our February session!

Crit Night will take place on February 15th at 6pm. Crit Night is open to everyone – emerging artists, established artists, people who dont yet think of themselves as artists. If you have any interest in the arts, we want you there!

Bring anything you might be working on (works in progress are encouraged!) and get some feedback from the group. Don’t have anything on the go right now? Not to worry, just drop by and be a part of the community!

February 15th at 6pm. Free cookies!

Closed Days in February

CFAT will be closed for a little time in February to help us prepare for the Media Arts Scholarship exhibition. We will be closed on Tuesday, January 31st and reopen on Friday, February 10th. We will also be closed for Heritage Day on February 21st.