CFAT Vision Meeting: Take 2!!

Visioning Meeting: Take 2!

We unfortunately had to cancel our last meeting due to a snow storm, but we’re ready to try this again! The Centre for Art Tapes Board of Directors invites you to help build the vision for CFAT in the coming years. On Wednesday, January 25th at 6pm, meet us at CFAT and have your voice heard!

We want to know how CFAT is working for you. What parts of the centre are most used? What programs are the most important to you? How can we better support media artists? How can we better serve artists from historically-underrepresented communities? How can we provide a path toward becoming an artist for those who can’t afford a university degree? How can we improve our organizational accountability to our staff and to the membership as a whole?

We will work towards answers to these questions and more. The meeting is open to anyone in the community including current and past CFAT members.
Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 at 6pm
2238 Maitland St.