2017 Call for Artists – events hosted by Avondale Sky Winery

The 2017 schedule of juried art fairs held at Avondale Sky Winery includes:

  • Avondale Art Fair & Ginger Fest on June 17, and
  • Avondale Garlic Fest on September 16

These fairs consistently draw large crowds and provide a nice alternative for artists to broaden their market at these one-day events.  They are held on the beautiful grounds of the Avondale Sky Winery with free parking provided to all who attend.  Live music plays all day and numerous food vendors are on-site to provide uniquely tasty offerings.  Craft brewers will return this year to aid in maximizing the draw to these events.

One change to note for this year’s spring event is the addition of Ginger as the focus for this event.  We have market tested this product as a way to draw larger crowds to the art fair and have received very positive responses with the inclusion of this product.   Our list of ginger related products is increasing and we are also receiving commitments from chefs who will be doing the cooking demos, so we have high hopes that this new addition to our spring event will develop into the large draw of the fall event.

Entries are limited, so please make sure you are on the list for this year’s festivals.  We will not over-book these events, for our goal is to ensure that there is an adequate opportunity for all artists to make their respective sales goals.

Visit www.avondaleartfair.com or www.avondalegarlicfest.com for further information.  Applications for the Avondale Art Fair are due by April 21.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.