About Art Interview with Vanessa Lentz Part2

Vanessa Lentz is the East Coast curator for ArtBomb, an initiative with the goal of making it easier for busy art collectors to access incredible Canadian art. Artbomb is a carefully curated, subscriber-based daily online auction featuring artwork by top Canadian artists. It is a service delivering one email, featuring one to three artworks to about 20,000 subscribers every morning.Bidding opens with a starting bid at 6 a.m. and closes at 11p.m. at which point the highest bid wins the piece.

Artbomb strives to stay fresh and relevant, with outstanding curators in each region across the country working hard to find the stars of the local art scene. Curators carefully choose the artists they work with and the pieces they post based on their background, experience and understanding of the market audience. www.artbombdaily.com

As an ArtBomb curator what research do you do?

I do a lot of research on social media. I am always looking for new talent and ways to connect with the people behind the work. I try to find work that is original and fresh. It has to stand out; grab my attention and say “look at me.” I am also constantly looking at what is selling and figuring out what characteristics those pieces have in common to give me clues in determining what element might have made a connection with the viewer. I try to visit galleries to see some works in person. Referrals are great too. I often get notes from artists and friends informing me of new work being created.


Do you have any tips for artists interested in applying to ArtBomb?

I encourage artists to become familiar with the site and how it works by subscribing to the daily e-mail. There are carefully crafted submission guidelines, making your submission experience seamless and pleasurable. You can find them here:


Artists should only choose works that are currently available and relatively recent to submit for consideration. Explore your online presence on social media and evaluate your website as we are looking for fresh original artwork.


What will an ArtBomb cutrator do for the artist?

We view and consider all submissions. We help you to understand the type of work that will resonate with our audience. We can help you give consideration to titles/naming so the viewer is drawn into a narrative of what’s happening in the work. Your local curator will let you in on the secrets of creating a buzz around Canadian art and building a strong community of supporters and keep the conversation going through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your curator aims to support you in all areas of your art career, success for ArtBomb is success for you.


Do you have any inspiring words of advice for others?

Create your own vision. Find your own voice. Be courageous and bold by capturing what inspires you and not trying to duplicate what someone else has done already. Be passionate – it shows in the final product. Don’t be afraid to show me your work. My job is to help you choose the pieces that have the best chance of being successful and to do that I have to see it. Be sure not to sell yourself short when pricing your work. So many artists are intimidated by pricing. When we think about it, that piece of art is one of a kind and will outlast and bring far more enjoyment than so many big ticket items like cars and cell phones; that makes it worthy of a fair price.

If you are interested in learning more please contact me directly via e-mail: lentz@bellaliant.net


Janice Guinan is a local artist who passionately believes in the importance of visual art. Her About Art column appears each week in the Truro Daily News. Guinan also writes a weekly column for the Colchester Weekly News. Both can be viewed online at www.trurodaily.com. Contact her at janice@janiceguinan.com.