About Art Interview with Vanessa Lentz Part 1

Vanessa Lentz is the East Coast curator for ArtBomb. ArtBomb is a carefully curated online auction that provides artists an opportunity to market and sell their work to thousands of potential buyers right across Canada. Lentz is very enthusiastic and proficient at what she does. She is also a very gifted photographer and successful business woman.


How did you get involved with ArtBomb?

I came across a call for a photographer/curator on social media. Out of curiosity I started to investigate what was required of the position. As I read the information it kept taking me back to my days as a photography student at Holland College in PEI and I realized that my education/experience and time working in the college art gallery had perfectly prepared me for this position. I wrote an introductory e-mail and the rest is history.

Realizing that I could be part of introducing East Coast artists to a larger audience of art supporters is key to why I do this. For many years I have been hearing artists lament about how difficult it can be to break down the barriers when it comes to showing their work in other cities and countries. ArtBomb makes it possible for local artists to sell to a national, or even international market without ever leaving home. ArtBomb removes the barriers of long distance travel and high costs by having curators on the ground in the communities where art is being created.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by art work that is created with passion and purity. The final product will always reflect the mood and personality of the artist. It’s a special piece when one glance sends a physical response through my body and lets me feel the passion behind it.

What’s your background?

My formal education is in photography, however, I have had an interest in art from the time I was a child. Growing up in Cape Breton I was lucky enough to have gone to schools that had funding for art programs and my mom worked in a gallery. Through the college curriculum there was a portion of our learning that required us to explore art in various forms and I was guided by some of the best local artists living on PEI at the time.

I come to ArtBomb with an eye for marketing. The focus of my photography business is to help other small businesses create marketing and advertising images so I am always thinking about the target demographic of the product – from handbags to real estate, I do it all. It’s no different with ArtBomb. I try to choose pieces that have a wow factor. Pieces that have the potential to resonate with ArtBomb clients. Pieces that will make the new owner happy when he/she looks at it.

What do you like about your work?

I truly enjoy the thrill of an e-mail from an enthusiastic artist wanting to find out what ArtBomb is all about. It usually means I’m going to have an opportunity to sit at my computer with a cup of coffee and start a portfolio review. It’s like Christmas morning – always a surprise! I get to look at the world through another person’s eyes. Even if I don’t see it exactly as the artist did, I come away with a fresh perspective.

How can we contact you and find out more information?

Email: lentz@bellaliant.net

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