Truro Art Society News

Dear Truro Art Society Members, and Art Educators and Art Appreciators
Our TAS is moving forward in a few new directions, and we would like to have your participation. Here are some reminders:
1\ Our new website going live and you as artists, art educators, and and art appreciators are encouraged to send us good photos of your work. To help you do this, we have asked Jim Hardiman to photograph our work so that is web-ready. He requires a minimum of 20 images and so you participation is important. Jim is available between now and December 9,  and you can contact him to request a drop-off time.
. Price per image $10.00
. eMail  <>
. Studio: 315 Salmon River Road


2\ Swoon in December: Brandt Eisner is available November 30, 11 a.m. – 12 noon in the Swoon room of Babbling Brook Antiques, Prince Street, for you to pick up your previous work and bring in the new.  Contact Brandt if you require an alternate arrangement.
3\ Calling all Artists who work with young or older people, educators who work with younger people, and people who work with a multiple of generations, this is for you. We wish to organize a Multigenerational Art Show (March 2017) pairing artists with youth or seniors.  Reflecting a paired-shared visual response to a subject chosen by you,  or, in response to each other (the approach is open) and we would like your views.  Please email Christene by December 10 to tell me what you think you can do.
. Christene Sandeson <>
4\ Artists wishing to participate in the Living Earth Food Show, please give your name and email to Christene <>  before December 20, so the artists names can be passed on to the committee.  This show is scheduled for the end of February in the St Andrews Church Lobby.

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