Thrown Together Pottery & Art 10th Annual Open House this weekend!


Thrown Together Pottery, 37 King Street, has been part of the Truro downtown community for 10 years, making this year’s Annual Open House an extra special event. Owner/Potter/Instructor Danielle Sawada is a friendly face well known to people young and old as her business continues to touch the lives of residents in many ways.

Why did you set up your business in Truro?
Initially I was teaching classes in my home in Belmont and selling things at the Farmer’s Market in Truro. It became apparent quite quickly there was quite a desire for my business. I had only been doing pottery myself (and not very well!!!) for about a year when I had people seriously wanting me to teach them. So it started (at home) with the philosophy that “If you don’t know anything, I can teach you something”. And if they agreed to that we were good to go. We blew stuff up and made a mess of things and learned lots and lots! When I was more confident in my abilities we purchased the property on King Street and decided to try to give it a go. I wanted to be in town as teaching in Belmont was an impediment for anyone who did not have transportation. Truro had the population and traffic I thought would allow my business to grow.

How has it changed over the past 10 years?

We have gone from having four wheels to eight and we have added an extra slab roller, so now we have two. I have had to add an extra class per week and I could probably add another one, but I can only teach so many people and store so many pots each week. I have regulars both local and tourists. The teaching side of the business has exploded and potters across the Maritimes are also seeing the same shift in demand. This summer we spent three months completely renovating the studio. We call it the “summer of shelves” but it was more than just shelves. When we opened, we used what we could find cheap or free. This summer we custom built things to fit the space and purpose. It is so much more
organized and productive as a teaching/studio space.

What were some of the highs/lows over the past 10 years?

Highs: Getting the 2012 CNTA Best Gift Shop Award
Creating Bowls for Balance with Mental Health
Being touted as one of the top 10 things to do in Colchester County by
Roger Brooks. I am on page 69
Renovating the studio this year to make it more useful as a teaching environment.

Lows: The year they closed my street for three months prior to Christmas and I almost folded.

What are your future goals?
Get an employee, but that isn’t in the cards yet. Perhaps even have someone who wants a residency for the summer who can run the shop and manage the studio and do the tech stuff. After 10 years of working pretty much 6 days a week, I would like a holiday and some weekends off But I do love being in the studio and when I am home I just want to get back at it. It is my happy place.

When is the Open House?

Our 10th Annual Open House is Friday, November 25 10am-9pm, and Saturday, November 26, 10am-6pm. There will be 10% off pottery, 10 draws for door prizes,10 draws for a chance at a free class. Our daughter Leah will be there Friday night to compose poems and there will be live music by Jeff Johnson. Please come and help us celebrate!

Nov 25 – Nov 26 · Thrown Together Pottery · Truro