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I’ve been digging into my old box of indigo shwe-shwe from South Africa. Some date to the early 70’s when I was a teenager living in Durban. They hold memory and meaning and inspire me anew. It is wonderful to stitch fabrics with a history. I’m compiling information about where to buy shwe-shwe and its history in South Africa. I’ll share links on my blog.

Quilting Supplies

Non-stick Pressing Sheet sold by the yard. Essential Design tool: The reducing glass lens.

Donate embroidery threads & reading glasses for South African Stitchers. Contact me.

South African Tour:

My 5th tour leaves next April and is almost full, with a few spots still open. We have quite a few quilters on board, including the wonderful Cathy Miller – aka The Singing Quilter, along with potters and teachers, knitters and more.  Our itinerary promises to be quite an adventure. Follow me on Facebook and my blog for photos on the road in Africa. Interested in joining us? Details here.

Warm wishes, Val