November Events at Lunenburg School of the Arts

Friday, November 18th, 7:00pm Boat Building, Storytelling, and Architecture – a lecture with Emanuel Jannasch. FREE admission!


Boatbuilders have a mythical status in Maritime culture, particularly in architecture. This talk looks at the genius at work in a number of shipyard and boatyard buildings and compares this reality with some the mythologies.

About Emanuel Jannasch
Emanuel’s father, Niels, apprenticed as a shipwright in Germany before going to sea and eventually settling on Saint Margaret’s Bay and becoming director of the Maritime Museum in Halifax. Growing up, Emanuel watched boatbuilders Walter Covey and Willie Boutilier in his own neighbourhood, and tagged along with his dad visiting others all over the province. At age fifteen he fished out of Lunenburg on Cape Argos, under Captain Percy Morash.

Before and between studying architecture at Cornell and at Dalhousie, Emanuel worked as a carpenter on many vintages and types of projects, including a large boatshed, wharves and floats, a marine railway,  and even a couple of boats; he also had the honour of reshingling a house for the legendary Chester boatbuilder Ben Heisler.

More recently he has taken an interest in building conservation. His paper on The Emptiness of Authenticity was awarded best paper in its stream at this year’s International Conference on Heritage and Sustainability held in Lisbon, Portugal. For the last ten years or so Emanuel has been teaching at the Dalhousie School of Architecture.

Saturday, November 19th, 10:00am Intro to Wet Felting 


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Sunday, November 20th, 4:00pm Old Town Craft Show.
FREE admission!


Friday, November 25th, 7:00pmArtist Talk and Exhibition
with LSA Artist-in-Residence, Samantha (“Sam”) Kinsley.
FREE admission! 


Might be worth something someday! Rumination on Value, Worth and Identity.

LSA’s current Artist-in-Residence, Sam Kinsley, will be presenting an artist talk and exhibition of her work on Friday, November 25th, 7:00pm, in the Garage Studio (2nd floor). This is a FREE event.

About Sam Kinsley
Sam is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist currently based out of Halifax. She studied at NSCAD University where she received her BFA (2010). Working with ceramics, drawing, printmaking, and performance, she creates systematic self-portraits.

Artist Statement 
In my practice I employ the ways I am defined in society to create my own systems of self description; my economy, physicality, and culture translated into self-portraits.

My current work focuses on my physicality. I chart my body’s changes and investigate the slow accumulation of my bodily by-products.  I use my personal self-care and beauty rituals as routine collection methods, charting and documenting the evidence of my physical existence. The accumulated matter, lip prints, hair, and finger-prints are used for creating drawings, prints, installations, and performance.  I transform the physical information into system based portraits. By ritualizing these routines and mundane tasks I seek to regain power in how I am defined, and to exercise my ability to self-identify.

Through these drawings, prints and sculptures I aim to portray my ageing feminine body in ways that are subtle, beautiful, systematic, and unusual; to create a series of portraits that are abstract, yet specific and representative.

Saturday, November 26th, 10:00am Miniature Book Binding 


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   Photo credit: kelly clark fotography
On November 5th, the Town of Lunenburg received the “Communities Arts and Culture Recognition Award” at Creative Nova Scotia Awards Gala in Halifax. The award carries a cash value of $10,000, which is to be used by the Town to continue the integration of arts and culture within the community.
Congratulations to all cultural advocates and leaders in Lunenburg!
A message from LSA’s Volunteer Chair, The Honourable Wilfred P. Moore
This has been a full and exciting Fall at our School. To date the number of students participating in our workshops has equaled those who took our Summer courses, and we’re not finished yet! The majority of the Fall students have been from our local community, and we sincerely appreciate that support. I also wish to express our sincere gratitude for our quality Instructors, and the back-up support from Hilda MacDonald, our Operations Coordinator. All of those people were important participants in the wonderful recognition given to Lunenburg last Saturday night. Our Board of Directors congratulates them and the other cultural organizations who contributed to this award winning effort.