Colleen MacIsaac’s Quiet Processes comes to The Craig Gallery

The Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing

Colleen MacIsaac
Quite Processes
Opening Reception Wednesday, November 2, 7-9PM FREE, All Welcome
Exhibit dates: November 3 – 27, 2016

“With a display that includes large scale watercolours and drawings, tiny comics on bits of scrap paper, and overcrowded sketchbooks, this show will speak to one artist’s struggle to find the time, will, and self-confidence to create, daily, every day. With an interactive element of an art wall where the public is encouraged to make their own daily creation and post it online as well as on the wall of the gallery, this exhibition would aim to be an inspiration and a call to arms to all of us who just wish we had more time to make art.”


Lee Cripps
Fine Arts Program Director
The Craig Gallery Coordinator
Alderney Landing Community Cultural Centre

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