AGNS “Terroir” Talk

‘Terroir’ Talk with artists:

Steve Farmer, Jayé Ouellette and Christopher Webb.

Date Time:  Sunday, 23 October 20162:30pm to 3:30pm at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax.

Join the Terroir: a Nova Scotia Survey artists for a tour of their work.

FREE with admission!


Jaye Ouellette    “Euryal” 36” x 36”, acrylic on panel.

If you haven’t seen the amazing ‘Terroir’ exhibition yet, here’s the perfect opportunity. I’m delighted to be speaking with Christopher and Steven at the AGNS, two highly prominent and recognized Canadian Artists. It promises to be an interesting and informative afternoon. I hope to see you there! ~  Jaye Ouellette

About the Artists

Since moving from Toronto to Nova Scotia, Jayé Ouellette‘s recent body of work has received serious acclaim. She has had five solo shows at public galleries in the province. Most recently her work was selected for the cover of the ‘Key’ program for The Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s October- November issue 2015. Jaye was an invited marquee artist for the CBC sharing the view calendar project in 2015. Ouellette is also one of 28 Nova Scotian artists in the Capture 2014 exhibition, that travelled the province for two years, curated by Tom Smart. In an interview, Smart says about Ouellette’s painting in the exhibition, “It’s really about light and deep, deep meditation on the nature of land. The image is deep and metaphysical. It’s a glorious painting.”
Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Steve Farmer‘s love of art led him to NSCAD University in the 1980s where he found a connection with photography. He pursued undergraduate studies and graduated in 1989 with his BFA. Currently, when Steve is not being contracted by some of Atlantic Canada’s largest corporations, he can be found in the classrooms of NSCAD University where he teaches both Lighting and Digital Photography. Steve enjoys teaching as much as he does shooting, sharing his love of art and photography, and providing a new generation with hands-on skills to use in their own practice.

Originally from Halifax, Christopher Webb studied painting under the tutelage of his grandmother, artist Madeleine Asprey (Pavia). Webb graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a degree in Political Science. He went on to create and implement the Career Starts Program as a Human Resources Consultant with the Government of Nova Scotia. Soon after, he realized that painting was his true calling and made a pilgrimage back to his ancestral homeland of Italy. He is an active member of the arts community and in 2006 was named the President of Visual Arts Nova Scotia. Webb also leads art and cultural excursions every spring to Italy with his partner, and PAVIA Owner Victoria Foulger.

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