Gallery Wenzl part of Art Across the Marsh Studio Tour, Oct.15 & 16

Multi-media artist/photographer Rainer Wenzl will be participating with the Art Across the Marsh Studio Tour this weekend, October 15 & 16. His studio will be open 10am to 5pm both days, 15 Church St. Port Elgin, N

Rainer Wenzl is a multi-media artist/photographer whose work has been published in many international publications and exhibited in numerous galleries. Recently retired from working as a visual arts/media arts teacher at an art school Rainer now works full time as an artist working with watercolours, printmaking, leaded glass and historical photographic techniques.

Rainer’s works are a combination of contemporary techniques and traditional processes that express the beauty of daily life and scenery that surrounds him in his maritime environment.

His latest watercolour paintings are a series that depict life in the maritime regions. Portrayed are everyday people going about their daily routine. These paintings incorporate newspaper clippings as a base for the figure The newspaper clippings were taken from the editorial/opinions sections of current local newspapers pertaining to the location, time and current events.

Below are a couple of paintings that will be featured as part of the Art Across the Marsh Studio Tour.



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