CFAT’s Must See Projects at This Year’s Nocturne!



The Centre for Art Tapes is happy to be supporting an installation and performance by Jackson 2Bears, Janet Rogers and Ronnie Dean Harris at the upcoming Nocturne: Art at Night Festival!

For The Land: Nocturne will be a multimedia performance inspired by Sioux philosopher Vine Deloria Jr.’s 1999 book that considers the incommensurability between western theology and indigenous spirituality. Performances will take place through out the night (7–8, 9–10, & 11-midnight) in the Law Courts Plaza at 1815 Upper Water St.

CFAT will also be sponsoring the Nocturne opening night party at Seven Bays Bouldering on Thursday, October 13th at 6p.m. The opening night will include performances by Jackson 2Bears, Anna Sprague, DJ Fadwza and Conner Bell.


Images by Pierre Tabbiner

CFAT’s Top Picks for Nocturne

Don’t miss these projects from CFAT members on your tour this Saturday!

Wild at Heart – Daniel O’Neill, Lukas Pearse and Susan Tooke at City Hall in Parade Square

Place Holder III – Becka Barker at the Anna Leonowens Gallery

Prism – Andrew Coll and Craig Lang at the Maritime Museum

Oversight – Tamar Dina, Cory Bowles, and Lukas Pearse at the Dalhousie School of Architecture

Barometer Falling – David Clark at the Halifax Central Library, 5th Floor

Eshapper – Jason Skinner at Propeller Brewery

Take Cover – Ryan Josey at the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal