Photography Workshops at HardimanImages



This fall we Jim Hardiman is conducting four Photography Workshops at HardimanImages.  All of these workshops concentrate on delivering skills and knowledge that you can actually use.  You will learn with others in a fun environment where the focus is on ensuring that you depart with useful skills that you can put to work right away.  We offer workshops on photography and post-processing.  The basic photography workshop is designed to give you a foundation on which to build your skills.  You will learn about the techniques and then put that learning immediately to use.  The post-processing workshops will enable you to use the most useful aspects of the software to “develop” your photos to a point where you achieve the look that you desire.

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Lightroom® – 22 October 2016

This workshop is designed to make the use of Lightroom® second nature.  We will cover the most useful parts of the program to ensure that you understand the powerful cataloguing and editing features.  Many people look at Lightroom® as an editor, however, its most powerful feature is its ability to keep track of your photos.

Useful Photoshop® – 29 October 2016

Many features in Photoshop® are meant to be used together and learning about them separately often leads to a steep learning curve with little understanding of how to put the features to work.  Much like how learning the alphabet does not teach you how to construct sentences.  This Workshop will look at Photoshop® from a “system” perspective to ensure that you can put your learning to work and successfully process your photos.  You will feel confident in your learning by the time the Workshop has concluded.

More Useful Photoshop®  – 5 November 2016

Building on the topics covered in the workshop Useful Photoshop®  we will move on to more advanced features and expand upon the techniques and learning already presented.  This workshop will focus on hands-on learning and is designed to ensure that you leave with new knowledge and skills.

Understand Photography –12 November 2016

Becoming a better photographer involves many elements.  While not an exhaustive list these include a knowledge of your camera, an understanding of light and how it will affect your image, how to get make a correct exposure and the elements of good composition.  Additionally, Jim will remain accessible after the Workshop should you have questions on how to do something that you have learned.

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