Creative Sound Recording Workshop with Martin Marier


Upcoming Workshop:
Creative Sound Recording with Martin Marier

The technical aspects of sound recording – how equipment works and how to use it – are well documented.  However, finding good sound bodies (things that make noise), organizing recording sessions and, above all, imagining novel ways to make sounds are challenges that artists often face alone, equipped only with their ears and intuition.

In this workshop, we will use Pierre Schaeffer’s work on sound objects – involving sounds named without reference to their sources – as part of a strategy that can help organize recording sessions and inspire new ideas. Having Schaeffer’s vocabulary at our disposal provides a further perspective on sound that will give birth to new sonic ideas.

This workshop will be divided in two parts: a three hour lecture, covering the aforementioned theories, and a three hour practice session, where we will make recordings of various sound bodies in CFAT’s facilities. We ask participants to bring a portable recorder (if they own one) and, more importantly, sound bodies to work with.  Sound bodies are any physical objects that can be used to make noise. For this workshop, we will exclude musical instruments.  Metal plates or sheets, glasses, bottles, pipes, wheels, grids, etc. are all possible sound sources. We will also need exciters: mallets, bows, (small) motors, etc.  Spend some time gathering, keeping in mind that a good sound body is loud.

Register by email ( or by phone (902-422-6822)

Saturday, September 24th
9:30 – 4:30 (lunch break included)
$40 for members, $50 for non-members

Centre for Art Tapes

2238 Maitland Street

Halifax, NS