Art Studio offers art classes for kids and adults!

Art classes at professional home art studio for kids and adults!

The classes we offer at the Art Studio are very individual, we love having personal approach to each student. The groups are very small, 3 students at a time.

Through their art works, young artists express their perspectives and artistic visions from their own points of view.
Each year, we organize an art show at professional art venue to display the art works publicly and allow the kids to be part of the Art Scene here, in Halifax. We believe that kids are as important to the art community life as adults and mature artists. We love to share the passion and beautiful, brave and vibrant colours of kid’s art world by displaying their art.
We also offer art classes for adults, since believe everybody is an artist! All the classes are taught by professional practicing artist, with lots of knowledge and enthusiasm!
We start from working on paper, different formats and textures, then canvases, painting on glass and silk, 3D materials and much more!
The studio located in Bedford and classes are an hour each.
For registration and questions please contact: