TWO, to screen during the ATLANTIC FILM FESTIVAL

Innovative Halifax Filmmaker and his pre-school aged daughter make short documentary about memory and the art in the home movie.

Award winning Haligonian filmmaker Christopher Spencer-Lowe’s latest short, TWO, to screen during the ATLANTIC FILM FESTIVAL, REEL SHORTS 3, Saturday, September 17th, at 3:30 PM.

When, in 2014, CSL was making the multiple award winning short TRANSFER from the found super 8 movies of strangers, he was inspired to make a companion film from his own Super 8 memories.

“During (the making of) TRANSFER”, Says CSL “ I was really interested in the idea of memory and the feelings that our impressions from the past bring. I knew that I would want to explore that more and it seemed so natural to turn the Super 8 camera around on myself and the most important people around me.”

The images were mostly of his daughter Harley, then in her second year. He continued to film as she grew, and noticing that she was becoming more interested in the filming process, he started sharing the filmmaking with her.

“I decided that I would follow Harley, trying to shoot very selective moments as I thought I might remember them in the future. To deliberately create a kind of filmic memory experience out of my time at home with her. ”

But as time went on, Harley started to move beyond being a muse,

“She got excited to be more and more involved in the filmmaking as she got older, shooting super 8, recording sounds, eventually narrating and making suggestion (and sometimes demands) during the editing. Really, she was like a co-director at times. Which I think really gives the work a different feel, a different perspective”

TWO, the 13 minute semi-documentary short that grew from this, was awarded a Commission from The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative’s SWEET HOME program. It was also the beneficiary of the prize for the Best Atlantic Short Award ( for TRANSFER, 2014) sponsored by 902 POST.

TWO will screen at The Atlantic Film Festival September 17th, and at the Vancouver International Film Festival and other soon to be announced Festivals in October.

For more information about TWO, please contact:

Christopher Spencer-Lowe, 902-425-2211 or email

TWO Facebook Page –

 TWO is produced with the support of The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative through the Canada Council For The Arts, Arts NS and HRM Arts as well as The Atlantic Film Festival Awards and 902 Post.

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Christopher Spencer-Lowe

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