I am happy to announce that I’ll be back to Moncton (Dieppe) for the Sale of Frame and Canvas. From Saturday, October 22th to Saturday, November 5th, I’ll be in the same location than my last visit: 3255 Principale Ouest ave. Dieppe.
The last time, I quickly sold all the canvas. This time, I ordered more canvases. However, if you want to make sure to have everything you want, send me the sizes and quantities desired, I will place a special order for you and I will keep it for you until you pick it up. I have until Friday, October 16 to order my canvases.
For frames, it is not easy because every time, I receive a lot of new models. It is difficult to make a choice without seeing mouldings. Except for floating frames for regular and Profile canvases.
I also have a few easels, small for a table and the big one, to work standing.
Finally, sometimes during promotion, I’ll make different specials. If you want to receive this information, you have to go on facebook legarsdescadres and click Like.
Opening hours:
Mon-Fry  9:30am to 6pm
Sat   9:30am to 5pm
Sun  Closed
Thank you and hope to see you!
Alain Plourde