About Art~ Gallery 215


There are many art galleries in Nova Scotia that open primarily for the tourist season, generally from May til October. Much of the artwork presents the beauty and life of Nova Scotia, so that people can take part of her home to enjoy forever. One such gallery is Gallery 215.

Where is Gallery 215 located?

Gallery 215 is located in Selma, near Maitland, just a lovely country drive away on Highway 215 which winds through a rural landscape along the Cobequid Bay and the Fundy Shore.

How many artists are represented?

Gallery 215 shows the work of forty-five Nova Scotia artists in oil, acrylic, watercolour painting, mixed media, glass, pottery, turned wood, hand weaving, traditional rope work, fine art knitting, and photography. We also have a small selection of art materials for those who are inspired to make their own art.

What makes this gallery unique?

The gallery occupies a historic schoolhouse with deep roots in the community. It was built between 1865 and 1868 and is a fine example of the period. After long years of usefulness, it remained empty for a period and was restored to its current state by the Maitland and District Development Association.

Who runs the gallery?

Gwen Frankton and Stephen Lowe, of Maitland and Ottawa, volunteered to run the gallery this year. After many years in Nunavut they were drawn to Nova Scotia by its sheer beauty and to Maitland because of its rich history, charm, and friendly people. Gwen is an eco-artist with a studio and presence in Ottawa, as well as in Nova Scotia. Gwen’s art reflects the natural world and draws attention to concerns about our changing ecosystems. Stephen is a writer. He is trained in broad spectrum writing, but loves writing creative fiction, especially horror, but is also exploring steampunk / weird west, techno-thrillers, fantasy, urban fantasy, and space opera. Both Gwen and Stephen have experience in graphic design and publishing and Stephen is expert in marketing, advertising, and communications. The couple took on this role because they wanted to give back to the community which welcomed them so warmly.

Do you have any special events?

We often host workshops, classes and artist talks.“Take Nova Scotia Home” is our current campaign. We’re hoping to match the work of our wonderful artists with patrons who hold Nova Scotia in their hearts. The work of our artists showcases our area and that beyond in so many ways. You’ll see our love for land and sea reflected in their work, and connections to traditional crafts, to farming, to fields and woodlands, and even to our wind turbines!

How long has the gallery been in operation?

Gallery 215 has been running for 11 years and its many supporters hope it will flourish for many years to come.

The Gallery is open seven days a week from 10am-5:30pm.

Please contact us at: telephone (902) 261-2151 or email info@artgallery215.com

Come visit us, Gallery 215, 8247 Highway 215, Selma. You can also view our artists profiles and find out more information on our Website: https://gallery215.wordpress.com/ and on

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Gallery215